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BFP Pre-Forum Meeting, Addis

Page history last edited by Maya Rajasekharan 15 years ago

Workshop report  Pre Forum BFP Meeting Report.pdf



  1. Welcome to BFP workshop by Simon Cook Welcome to BFP Workshop.pdf
  2. Cross basin comparison by Simon Cook Brief X-basin review.pdf
  3. CPWF Phase 2 Information by Jonathan Woolley Phase 2 information for BFP workshop.pdf
  4. Livestock Water Productivity- Lessons relevant to the BFPs by Don Peden CPWF-BFP-Nov08.pdf 
  5. Fish water productivity-A sinner's view by Simon Cook Fish_Wprod.pdf
  6. Limpopo BFP-Intervention analysis by Lindiwe Sibanda and Amy Sullivan LIMPOPO FANRPAN WP5.pdf
  7. Water management across scales in the So Francisco iver basin, Brazil: Policy options and poverty consequences by Marco Maneta, Marcelo Torres, Steve Vosti and SFRB team  Addis_BFP_Presentation_v5.pdf 
  8. Yellow River BFP-Intervention Analysis by Claudia RinglerIntervention_analysis.pdf
  9. Niger BFP- Knowledge Management by Andrew Ogilvie and Jean-Charles Clanet  BFP Niger Knowledge mgmt.ppt
  10. Nile BFP -Intervention Analysis by Seleshi Bekele BFP-WP5-IFWF2.pdf
  11. Change process and Impact by Boru Douthwaite BFP-WP6.pdf
  12. Analysis of agricultural water productivity by Bharat Sharma WP3-BFPIGB(BRS).pdf
  13. Water use accounting in the Volta basin by Devaraj de Condappa BFP_Volta_-_Water_Availability.pdf 
  14. WEAP Volta: a collaborative tool on the (long) road to implementation by Devaraj de Condappa BFP_Volta_-_WEAP_Volta.pdf 

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