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BFP Workshops or Meetings

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Upcoming Workshops/Meetings:


  • International Workshop on Tackling Water and Food Crisis in South Asia: Insights from the Indus-Gangetic Basin. CPWF-IWMI Basin Focal Project for the Indus-Gangetic Basin, on 2-3 December 2009, The Silver Oak Room, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India. Workshop Flyer-1.pdf  BFP_IGB Final Workshop Agenda.pdf


Past Workshops/Meetings:


  • BFP Pre-Forum Meeting, 7-8 November, Addis, Ethiopia: This workshop gave BFPs the opportunity to share initial results and critique methods. To review and download presentations and workshop report please review this page
  • BFP Special session in the XIII World Water Congress, Montpelier, France: The special session "Challenge Program on Water and Food:Water, agriculture and poverty alleviation in basins" was held on Tuesday 2nd September, 2008. Water, agriculture and poverty are linked. Agriculture supports the livelihoods of the poorest, and provides food security for rural and urban poor. Agricultural development provides the first steps out of poverty and food security. Yet in doing so, agriculture consumes most of the World’s water and its increasing activity threatens to exacerbate water scarcity and compromise environmental flows. The Basin Focal Projects of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food describe these aspects within ten basins around the world. Together they provide analysis that combines to describe the global problem. In this session, ten papers presented exceptional data on various aspects of this complex problem from the Volta, São Francisco, Karkheh and Mekong basins. Presenters came from IRD, CSIRO, WorldFish, UC Davis, CIAT and the CPWF. Starting with a general overview of the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food, papers proceeded to explain details of agricultural water use, water flows within basins, hydro-economic modeling and specific problems of crop, livestock, and fisheries management within the Volta and Mekong basins. The sessions were attended by over 90 people and were chaired ably by Prof Asit Biswas of the Third World Center in Mexico.The papers (Abstracts.pdf) are published in a special issue of Water International in the March, 2009 issue. 
  • Basin Focal Project: Review and PlanningMeeting. 1-5 February, 2008 in Cali, Colombia.
  • Valuating Fisheries and Aquatic Systems in Basins. 6-7 February, 2008 in Cali, Colombia. 
  • 2nd Poverty Mapping Workshop. 31 October-2 November, 2007 in Chiang Mai. Please click here for details of the workshop including all presentations
  • Vientiane Pre-Forum Meeting for BFPs: Agenda. 10th-12th November, 2007 in Vientiane. Please click here for details of the workshop including all presentations.
  • Assessment of Livestock Water Productivity in the Basins. 27-29 September, 2007 in Addis, Ethiopia. Simon noted that livestock systems are complex and in many cases poorly defined. Livestock specialists tend to concentrate on specific details within their own systems. The larger system is rarely described, let alone livestock-cropping systems, or the system with respect to water. Livestock systems are often highly adapted to marginal conditions-hence difficult to generalize. Institutionally. such systems are more complex than most livelihood systems. From the water-use accounts in most basins, grassland is the PRIME water-consumer (including the Sao Francisco). A working paper is under preparation
  • BFP1 Review Meeting. 17-20 September, 2007 in Cali, Colombia. Please click here for details of presentations and a report.
  • Water Poverty Mapping in the Volta Basin Workshop. 3-8 March, 2007 in Accra, Ghana. The report provides basis for further detailed analysis at the 2nd Poverty Mapping workshop at Chiang Mai in October, 2007. Water_poverty_mapping_Volta_Ghana_Workshop_Report.pdf 

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