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Climate Change

Page history last edited by Maya Rajasekharan 14 years ago

Climate Change and Adaptive Capacity 

Two reports from the Tyndall Centre may be of interest to BFPs looking at vulnerability.

Can be downloaded at: http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/publications/working_papers/wp27.pdf and http://www.tyndall.ac.uk/publications/working_papers/wp28.pdf


Papers below details effects of climate change on water and agriculture in general; 

  1. Bhandari P, Bhadwal S, Kelkar U: Examining adaptation and mitigation opportunities in the context of the integrated watershed management programme of the Government of India. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 2007, 12: 919-933.  
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  3. Branosky E, Greenhalgh S. Agriculture and climate change: greenhouse gas mitigation opportunities and the 2007 farm bill. 2, 1-6. 2007.  World Resources Institute (WRI). WRI POLICY NOTE.
  4. Cabrera VE, Letson D, Podesta G: The value of climate information when farm programs matter. Agricultural Systems 2007, 93: 25-42.  
  5. Daufresne M, Boet P: Climate change impacts on structure and diversity of fish communities in rivers. Global Change Biology 2007, 13: 1-12.  
  6. de Wit M, Stankiewicz J: Changes in Surface Water Supply Across Africa with Predicted Climate Change. Science 2006, 311: 1917-1921.
  7. Fleischer A, Lichtman I, Mendelsohn RO: Climate Change, Irrigation, and Israeli Agriculture: Will Warming Be Harmful? Ecological Economics 2007, 1-8.  
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  9. Ingham A, Ma J, Ulph A: Climate change, mitigation and adaptation with uncertainty and learning. Energy Policy 2007, 35: 5354-5369.  
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  13. Legates DR. Global Warming and the Hydrologic Cycle: How are the Occurrence of Floods, Droughts, and Storms Likely to Change?  1-40. 2004.  The George Marshall Institute Washington, D.C. 


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