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Andes, Karkheh, Nile, Niger, Limpopo,
Sao Francisco,
Indo-Ganges, Volta, Yellow River & Mekong basins



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Jacques Lemoalle explaining BFP Volta network map River Mekong at Khong Chiam Mid Karkheh, Iran Not an easy childhood yen-tanks4  Where is my water? Near Pak Mun Dam, Thailand
Commercial agriculture forms a strong driver of change in the Sao Francisco basin   Gallito Ciego dam , Peru What's happened to my water? DSC_6285240 med copy Yellow River Hydro PAramo, Venezuela Sudd fish


The Basin Focal Projects of the Challenge Program for Water and Food (CPWFprovide strategic insight of the links between water, food and poverty in river basins. Based on the best scientific analysis within ten River Basins these projects answer the followign key questions :


  1. How much water is there?
  2. Who uses the water? Irrigators, rainfed agriculture? Livestock systems? How much flow remains?
  3. How well is water used? What is its water productivity? What do we know about the eco-efficiency of water use systems?
  4. What is known about the Institutions that manage food and water systems?
  5. What are the impacts of water use patterns on poverty and livelihoods in Africa, Asia and Latin America?


The BFPs provide insight into the global condition of water, food and poverty, disaggregated in sufficient detail to support intervention within river basins. Some of the insights emerging include: