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Others Publications

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Other BFP Publications


Woolley J, Cook S.E, Molden D. and Harrington H. (2009). Water, food and development: the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food. Water International 34: 4-12.

Cook  S.E,  Fisher M.J,  Andersson M.S, Rubiano J. and  GiordanoM. (2009). Water, food and livelihoods in river basins. Water International 34: 13- 29.

Béné C. and Friend R.M. (2009). Water, poverty and inland fisheries: lessons from Africa and Asia. Water International 34: 47-61.

Molle F. (2009). Water, politics and river basin governance: repoliticizing approaches to river basin management. Water International 34: 62-70.

Harrington L, Cook S.E, Lemoalle J, Kirby M, Taylor C. and Woolley J. (2009). Cross-basin comparisons of water use, water scarcity and their impact on livelihoods: present and future. Water International 34: 144-154.

Cook S.E, Fisher M.J, Harrington L.W, Huber–Lee A. and Vidal A. (2009). Agricultural water productivity and poverty: A conceptual pathway to link global, basin and local understanding. Irrigation and Drainage 58: 60-72.

Shah T, Ul Hassan M, Khattak M.Z, Banerjee P.S, Singh O.P and Rehman S. (2009).  IsIrrigation Water Free? A Reality Check in the Indo-GangeticBasin. World Development 37: 422-434

Cook S.E, Andersson MS, Fisher MJ. 2009. Assessing the Significance of Livestock Water Use in Basins. (Acceptedl)


List of other useful publications

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