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Team Members Indo-Ganges

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Team Lader

Bharat R. Sharma

Senior Researcher-I & Head

International Water Management Institute,

New Delhi Office

NASC Complex, CG Block

Dev Prakash Shastri Marg, Pusa,

New Delhi-110012, India

Ph: +91-11-25840811/ 12; 65976151

Fax: +91-11-25842075





Work Package Leaders


Work Package 1: Poverty Analysis: Upali Amarasinghe (u.amarasinghe@cgiar.org)

Work Package 2: Water Accees: Luna Bharati (l.bharati@cgiar.org)

Work Package 3: Analysis of Agricultural Water Productivity Bharat Sharma (b.sharma@cgiar.org)/Cai Xueliang (x.cai@cgiar.org)

Work Package 4: Institutional Analysis: Tushaar Shah (t.shah@cgiar.org)

Work Package 5: Intervention Analysis: Bharat Sharma (b.sharma@cgiar.org)

Work Package 6: Knowledge Management: Mir Matin (m.matin@cgiar.org)


Team Members:


Abdul Hakeem Khan

Aditi Mukherji

Alan Brooks

G. K. Ambili

Dhruba Raj Pant

Luna Bharati

Madar Samad

Mir Abdul Matin

Tushaar Shah

Upali Amarasinghe

Xueliang Cai

Asad Sarwar Qureshi

Waqas Ahmed

Stefanos Xenarios

Susana Hervas Avila

Md. Giasuddin Khan


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